Vintage Dressmaking: Vogue 1799

Vintage Dressmaking:  Vogue 1799

Vogue’s very important pattern of August-September 1965 is one of the great contemporary classics. It’s a long-sleeved and buttons down the front, with welted pockets placed lows on the skirt.

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Vintage Vogue 1799

The Shirtdress, 1967

It’s a basic pattern, with a strong fashion message-a look with many moods and dozens of possibilities!

It goes almost anywhere, any time-gay or grandly, demurely or with dash-depending on the fabric, the buttons, the belt, and of course, the accessories YOU choose to go along with.

Great with a floppy hat!

Try it in work, a vivacious print, sashed with its own belt. Pin a pretty bow in your hair, slip into buckled pumps and you’re ready to have friends in for bridge and tea. Wear it in blue-and gold tweed, belted with a chain; add a chic safari hat for shopping or antiquing in the country.

Make it vintagely-modernly-yours!